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the wood

      Hardwood Flooring Options

There is a feeling of majesty and serenity amongst the forest and with respect to God's creation, I have found those who cut and mill lumber with consideration to the environment in which they found it. These raw materials and products that I use are of the highest quality and consistency in the flooring industry. In order to create a superior finished floor, you have to start out with the best in material. We represent numerous products to suit any budget and any style. We offer solid and engineered hardwood flooring from 2 ¼ inches to 17 inches in width, and lengths that can span up to 18 feet. We also have bamboo flooring in many different styles and cork flooring, which is available in tiles or strips. All of the lumber, bamboo and cork and that we source for flooring is FSC approved. These species are harvested from only managed forests that abide by and follow the Forest Stewardship Council regulations (FSC).

There is really such a wide variety of wood flooring options available, that you need to be equipped to make informed decisions, and you need someone to guide you through the process as to not overwhelm yourself and make a poor decision that you later regret.

In choosing a floor you should know the dimensions of the flooring that interests you. The lengths and widths are important factors for the correct proportion of planks. So many of the prefinished floors are 5" wide and 1 - 4.5' long, which is both historically and esthetically wrong, you want flooring boards that are proportionately correct, A 5" wide board should span 6 feet to appear as a plank. You may find that the dimension, the amount of character, the color, its surface or edge profile, may not be right for your space. The thickness of material is important as well, as it may transition to stone and tile of a certain height; and you want them to join flush, without the use of molding.

The first choice you need to make, is to find a species of wood that you like, which has the grain and color you might like and works with the space in which it will be installed. If you find exactly what you want, you can stop there and have us apply a clear finish, if you don't, then we start with the colors; a light, medium or dark huge, layering or glazing effects, and with that, we start asking you the right questions for preferences, offering suggestions and supplying you with samples. It takes a little time, as you have to think things out and digest options, but it's orderly and enjoyable, especially once you arrive at a decision that you're sure of and totally happy with. It's important to get that right. A wood floor with the wrong look ,is to say the least, dissatisfying!

It is my intension to explain the different options in depth to help you make informed decisions. The following are wood flooring material options and products, with different sources for different budgets that I have learned to trust, and are of the highest quality:

• Engineered vs. solid wood flooring
• Prefinished vs. unfinished wood flooring
• Bamboo flooring
• Cork flooring
• Wide plank flooring & species